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A Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday afternoons didn’t usually work that well for Sue. It was her own fault really, she mused, as she walked along the advertising agency’s uplit corridor, a skinny latte in one hand and a bulging and expensive briefcase in the other. The lighting,…

War Metaphors and the fear of public speaking

I’ve been battling with my fear of public speaking for years; stuck in my foxhole, at war with myself. In no-man’s land, bombarded and besieged by a firestorm, a crossfire of negative thoughts. It’s like a time-bomb. The longer the delay, the greater the damage. My head could explode any moment. I need some guerrilla tactics.

My first speech was a dud. That came as a bombshell. My…

The Rubbish We Speak | Simon Maier

jargon speech bubble

Some American and UK corporate speakers (including costly, professional ones) are increasingly trying to impress audiences with their use of phraseology which many in any audience don’t understand. Senior managers - and therefore junior ones - believe that this practice puts them among the alpha…

The Course

“How’s the course going, Frank?”

“Good, thanks. And really good coaching. Just what I needed.

“So, ready for next week’s presentation?”

“I think so. Yes.”

“So, come on then, tell me how’re you going to make those senior…