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Storytelling in Business and Training

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Published on 05 March 2022

Storytelling in business is big news these days. The US attributes 40% of GDP to the power of brand storytelling.

Think of brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Pepsi, and you can see why. They spend a fortune on advertising and marketing, and they have a global reach that makes small companies envious. The brands’ stories have evolved and remain relevant to our fast-paced hard-travelling lives. Every service station has big brand franchises and outlets. So you know the brand, its reputation, and consumers know what to expect.

One of my favourite brands, Harley Davidson, went through a meaningful change from its focus on steel and chrome, moving to the motorbiker community. So it’s not just what the brand says about itself, but what consumers say about the brand too. Being part of a community creates a cultural identity. We like to be acknowledged and accepted for who we are and what it means to us. The good news is that when people trust the brand, the brand is allowed to change its narrative. It’s so trusted, one of its major success factors is the desire of many young women to be part of this new Harley Davidson ecosystem.

I was recently working as an Interim Training Manager in the Cotswolds, and I had thirty minutes before my next appointment, so I went in search of a cup of tea and found a treasure of a coffee shop. The walls had life-size black and white images of the founding family over 100 years ago. The back of the menu told the story of the first bakery in the village and the founders’ ethos. The message was of quality, variety, and all made lovingly with locally resourced produce.

If you ever go to a Michelin star restaurant, they’ll offer you an in-depth story about the provenance of the ingredients. One of my students is a celebrity chef. He only buys beef from an organic hill farm in south Wales. He has a collection of walled colour images of himself, the farmer and lots of bulls in the spectacular valley setting. They’re telling a story and using that story to differentiate themselves from their competition.

As humans, we like stories. It’s easier to remember a story than to memorise half a ton of statistical data. That’s why looking at data and finding the internal narrative is a valuable skill these days. These are just some of the issues we discuss on our Storytelling for Business and Training course. Storytelling is a sound investment. You'll be surprised how often it's used in business and training transactions.

Storytelling for business, training and brands is big news. It's a market worth trillions of dollars every year. How can you help yourself and your company's staff share your history by telling compelling stories? Whether your brand is big or small, you can shape your company's ethos with storytelling.

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  • "An exceptionally useful day's training, delivered in a positive and personanable manner, very enjoyable and significant food for thought. Thank You."

    Diane Wilson - DCI Notts Police
  • "The anxiety is gone - now that I understand it. Not only can I make a presentation - I feel I have so much to give now. It's quite a transformation."

    John Eden
  • "Since attending the course, I feel like a completely different person; more confident, relaxed and easy going. I gave a speech at work last week and it went so so well."

    Ben Harding
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