Level 4 Certificate in Business Communication Skills

This course covers effective communication skills, managing and participating in meetings, and conducting interviews.

young professionals


  • What’s the problem?
    - Our education system doesn’t adequately prepare young people for the professional world. 
    - They join the workforce with academic knowledge and technical skills, but with limited communication or interpersonal skills. 
    - Most fear public speaking and are reluctant to speak up. They must learn to communicate with clients and colleagues. 
    - Often they have no experience of working in teams. They must recognise the value of cooperation and collaboration at work.
    - They may lack meeting etiquette and may not know what’s expected of them. This can lead to disengagement and unwillingness to contribute with ideas or opinions

Your young team members must be empowered to use their voice to contribute their ideas. With the right training, they will improve their chances of being heard.


Our solution: The level 4 certificate in business communication 

On this course, delegates learn to:

- Create their own personal brand and get clear on the role they play in the organisation.
- Articulate their message with confidence, purpose and passion.
- Speak their mind clearly, concisely and with conviction. 
- Interact and engage with others in the workplace in a more effective manner.
- Manage and participate in meetings in a constructive manner.
- Conduct interviews that deliver results.

  • Benefits for the employer:
    - Better teamwork
    - More timely and effective decision-making.
    - Greater participation, creativity and the sharing of new ideas.
    - Clearer business communication and client satisfaction.
    - A happier and more engaged workforce leading to improved productivity. 

Notes about this course to our delegates

Public Speaking isn’t about making a well-crafted or memorised speech. At its best, it’s an impactful conversation with your audience, whether with a single person or a large captive group of individuals. It’s more subjective and personal than you might think.

On this course, we address the technical aspects as well as the physiological and personal aspects of effective spoken communication.

We begin by understanding and making you see, how you think and behave.

We will help you to build a growth mindset, wherein you will learn from your mistakes and not be limited by your current real or perceived shortcomings.

You will learn practices that will prepare you to work better in teams and understand what it takes to be a leader.

At the end of this course, and with continued practice, you will be able to:

Communicate with Confidence

Public speaking develops important communication skills you will use every day. It develops your ability to get your points across clearly and concisely.

You will build confidence in speaking out loud and articulate your thoughts more fluidly. You will learn to engage in healthy negotiations and debates.

Inspire, Persuade & Enthuse

Great communication inspires and motivates people. You can share your passion with enthusiasm and conviction.

You will learn to use compelling language to engage and persuade your audience. You’ll build a rapport with them and earn their trust.

Inspiring others builds self-esteem and earns you the respect of your colleagues and clients.

Get Creative and Share Your Knowledge

Powerful communication involves mastering a topic and demonstrating in-depth knowledge while keeping things simple. This requires research, organization and structuring of information to present it in the most engaging manner. You will learn a variety of techniques, vocabulary and content for you to tailor your message to the needs of your audience.

What you will do in this course:

- Make speeches every day on various topics. 
- Explore different styles and techniques. 
- Learn how to apply universal laws and mantras of public speaking.
- Improve your body language. 
- Learn how to structure a speech.
- Learn the use of rhetoric, metaphors and other stylistic devices. 
- Learn how to arrange content for coherence and persuasion. 
- Use mental models to practice delivery and stay nervously excited during speeches.

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” Mark Twain

Additional Course Dates

Date Course Trainer £  
11 - 12 April 2019 Level 4 Certificate in Business Communication Skills
Kings Cross, London
Vince Stevenson £637 + VAT