Online 1-2-1 Coaching in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Tailored to your individual and specific needs - from the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world

Online 1-2-1 coaching in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, with Simon Maier

Are you an executive? Are you time poor? Perhaps you work in a remote location?

Do you need help right now with your presentations and speech-making abilities?

Public speaking is important to every executive and perhaps right now you need some urgent support to help you fulfil your challenging position?

If so, we have an excellent solution.

We all look for help when we need support in a skill area in which we’re not as confident as we would like to be. You may have been given a slot in a forthcoming event. You may have a keynote to make. Or you may want to brush up on what you already know about stagecraft and public speaking.

But you might be feeling the pressure of work which means that you have little time to prepare or rehearse. You know that a great number of people will be expecting you to be brilliant on-stage. And you can be. But you probably can’t easily get away during the week to attend a course. Of course, you might just prefer the online 1-2-1 scenario for reasons of confidentiality. We can offer you that and more.

We will schedule a solution to match your immediate needs.

If you want to improve your ability to speak, pitch or generally be able to present better and confidently, then our online 1-2-1 coaching experience is for you. If you’re looking for a highly personalised, professional and enjoyable approach to presentation and public speaking, then you can expect a rich mix of theory, discussion, reference, experience, example and practice.

Trainer/facilitator - Simon Maier

Your colleague will be Simon Maier who is an established authority on communication and the author of a number of highly accredited books, several of which are on speech-making and presentations as well as how to communicate confidently.

Simon has been involved in directing and creating communication programs for over 25 years. His specialities are:

1) directing events of all shapes and sizes and for all market sectors worldwide

2) presentation coaching and mentoring for senior executives in the world of politics and business and

3) writing speeches for a wide range of high profile purposes

He has led communications and event agencies and has a great deal of experience in communications’ creativity and mindset development - as well as stagecraft. He understands what works well on a stage and what doesn’t. He understands what audiences need and want, and he knows how to deliver it. He recognises that not everyone likes presenting, pitching or public speaking, but he knows how to make anyone feel more comfortable about the opportunity.

His knowledge of the communications media palette is deep and has for many years worked at writing great copy and valued content for a wide range of purposes. He believes passionately in the ability of storytelling in the corporate world to be effective at shifting hearts and minds.

Simon Maier speaking at a recent conference

 Simon Maier

Who is this course for?

• C-level executives
• ‘Heads of’ who are new to their roles
• Those who want extra help in building confidence when speaking
• Those who want extra support for an upcoming, high-stakes presentation
• Managers who make regular presentations and need to be better presenters
• Senior executives who seek to increase presence and vocal projection
• Unconfident executives who need support in speaking at internal/external events
• Individuals who require personal impact coaching
• Previous students of the college
• Anyone who needs to shift mindset from fixed to growth

How it works

Your 1-2-1 presentation coaching programme will be tailored to your individual and specific needs. We don’t offer generic training, so there’s no ‘one size fits all.’

Mentoring will play a large role in the sessions and it will be highly focussed. And the focus is absolutely on what you need and the techniques you’ll learn will help you present in a more engaging and persuasive manner.

Executives book a minimum of 6 x 1-hour sessions online via this page.

You'll complete and send us a simple questionnaire so that we know something of your precise needs and concerns, along with a little about your employment and purpose. The questionnaire will be sent for completion before your first session.

Once we receive that, your fee and preferred dates, we will schedule a call with you to assess your voice, experience and perceived difficulty - and also discuss your particular objectives.

Minimum Requirements

As mentioned, the minimum course comprises of 6 x 1-hour sessions and it would be beneficial if these sessions are spaced no less than one a week. Of course, there truly is no one size fits all approach, so let us know if you have specific timescale requirements.

Areas likely to be covered in your first session

• Your specific concerns and reasons why you have those concerns
• Definition of what success looks/sounds like, and over what period
• What you're currently doing well and what’s really holding you back
• The specific purpose of one speech, pitch, presentation or a multiple of these
• An introduction to presentation delivery – starting with posture and body language
• Belief – yours and what others’ think about you
• Understanding audiences and audience needs
• Analysis of any fears and how they can be overcome
• The stages of any presentation, pitch or speech
• How to prepare
• Tailoring a message to any audience
• Presentation structures, with examples from the world of film, theatre, politics and business
• Techniques to create an effective and logical flow
• Mindset change

Areas likely to be covered in your second session

• Belief and mindset revisited
• Review of exercises set from session one
• How to create visual support if needed
• How to avoid reading off slides
• Tips to memorise content
• Practice and rehearsals
• How to use body language and expression to your advantage
• Posture, breathing and non-verbal communications to enhance your style
• Techniques to ensure that you come across with confidence and authority
• Where nerves come from and how to control them
• The importance of flexibility and being ‘in the moment’
• Improving vocal projection: using voice to engage and persuade
• How to connect emotionally with your content so that you present with authenticity
• How to use performance energy to help you present with charisma
• Handling tough questions - or unexpected responses

Note: for programs of more than two sessions overall content will be agreed with you and the trainer after the first session.


The fee for a package of 6 x 1-hour package is £2700 + VAT. Current and previous students are offered a 10% discount.


Dear Simon,

Now that the event is over, just a short note to say a huge thank you for your speech-craft and hard work, commitment and patience. in making this year’s congress a huge success. We’ve had unbelievable initial feedback from every direction on how happy people were with how we presented and we all know that your part in that was crucial. This is also a note to let you know how much we appreciated the work behind the scenes from everyone in the team.

James - Commercial Director - Automotive

Hi Simon, I just wanted to offer massive congratulations on making sure that we all did the ‘right’ thing on-stage. I’ve seen the quality of work you deliver before, but this was worthy of the word ‘brilliant’. Please pass on my congratulations to the whole team; I know how hard you’ve all worked.

Julia - Principal - Healthcare

Dear Simon,

I hope you got home safely and stress-free.

On behalf of all of us, we would like to say a big thank you for your fantastic support onsite in Rome. You always consider our needs and everything was perfectly organised. The presentation coaching and stage mentoring paid off and I really appreciated the extra help at the last moment too!

Best regards - Ben - Account Director - IT

‘The book explains how anyone really can speak in public and with confidence.’

Jane - Book Forum

‘Maier paints a picture of events and conferences where you know the advice he’s giving will work. That kind of practical knowledge breeds confidence.’


‘Clever writing and the funny parts are very funny. If you want a good grounding in corporate communications, read The Diary.’


Dear colleagues,

I hope you had a wonderful last night – it was an excellent evening.

It was a great pleasure meeting all of you and a very enjoyable few days sharing in your success as Achievers – genuinely, it was so nice to spend some time with such a great group of people.

I am sure you would join me in thanking Simon Maier and team for ensuring that all the keynotes were enjoyable, interactive, on message and memorable. I know that many of you have said the same already.

I wish you all a safe journey home, congratulate you on your achievement and hope this event goes some way to demonstrate how much we appreciate your efforts. More importantly, I know that what we said and discussed will be remembered for a very long time.

With best wishes - David - Director, EMEA Foods

Simon, thank you. I’ve delayed responding because I was receiving all sorts of praise and much of it is down to you. Most of it. Given the amount of time we had, you made what was complex simple and what was hard easy. That in itself is a challenge well met. Not least, it was (almost) a great deal of fun!

Trevor - CEO

The keynote was thorough, entertaining and engaging. The audience was with you all the way and several colleagues have asked me if you would come back in a few months’ time and give us part two! I know that it's a long way, but let's discuss this. I was impressed that you understood what we needed to know and the groundwork for presentation coaching that your team gave us in the breakouts was terrific. This was a hard audience to please and they were delighted.

Mariam - Event Director - Telecoms

Dear Simon,

Some expressions of thanks are made out of politeness. This isn’t. It is made out of gratitude for your hard work and the fact that you made sure that this launch was without question our best to date. The words that we spoke and the films that we showed, the discussions we had and the debates, the conversations on and off-stage – masterminded with care and attention. Such enthusiasm and energy are rare.

Kind regards - Mohamed - Commercial Director - Pharmaceuticals

Money Back Guarantee

Now, I'm sure you'll agree that the investment at stake is minimal by comparison to what this single day can do for your career.

But I'll make the decision even easier for you - by removing the risk.

We believe that you can become a first-class speaker.

We believe that becoming a first-class speaker requires knowledge of the underlying principles.

We believe that becoming a first-class speaker requires the practice of those principles.

We believe that our process is on the leading edge of practical development.

We believe in our customer feedback over the last eleven years of research, development and delivery.

If you complete our unique speaking process - and don't reach an effective level as a result - speak to me on the day and we will refund your fee.

Act now to manage your issues once and for all - don't let public speaking become an obstacle to your career progress and success.

Call me on 0330 043 2677 or email

We look forward to helping you become a more confident and proficient speaker.

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