The College of Public Speaking offers a range of courses to help you become a more confident and proficient speaker.

Work with award winning trainers who are passionate about your results. Each has thousands of hours of classroom experience and each will help you deliver great results, quickly. You can learn so much by simply observing our trainers in action. And more than that, everything you observe is unpacked from both the theoretical and practical viewpoints. If you're doing the right thing, at the right time most of the time, then you're doing a great job.

Confident Public Speaking; composed professional presentations; focused team briefings and trainings: all achievable through our public speaking courses, training and workshops.

  • Part of it is technique: learning, understanding and applying the often simple concepts and principles that lie behind successful delivery, engaging content and flexible structure.
  • Part of it comes from each of us individually customising and refining practical tips and professional advice from someone who has already been there themselves and has the knowledge and experience from having delivered thousands of presentations.
  • And part of it, of course, is simply practice, repetition and developing a level of positive expectation to help overcome our fear of public speaking and those little demons (both internal and external) that continually try to rob us of our self-belief.

Customer Confidentiality and Security

We offer a service which is totally confidential and easily accessible. We enjoy and encourage speaking to our clients before they consider booking our courses. We recognise that working with us is a significant investment in your time and resources. We recognise that you will usually have to hit the ground running and you are eager to take those next steps. Our payments options are practical and simple to use. For your security we do not hold any of your payment details online. With ever sophisticated cyber crime attacks, your safety and security are paramount considerations.

About The College of Public Speaking

The College of Public Speaking sets itself apart in that each of our trainers is a current, active public speaker, (including award-winning and National Speech champions) and each of our trainers remains an avid student of the subject as well as a teacher. Having had years of experience across many fields of training and public speaking communication, be certain that all tips and advice are well-researched, well-delivered, and will have been tried and tested and borne out of studious and practical experience.

In our public speaking, train the trainer and presentation skills trainings we explore numerous psychological concepts and principles, practical tips, experience and insights, all positively and upliftingly delivered with encouragement and infectious self-belief!

Questions to ask when selecting a training supplier:

Are they a specialist company? Are the trainers qualified in the field? How many years professional experience do they have? How many people attend each course? If it's more than 10, be wary. Do they utilise video feedback? Do they send the files on to you for home review? Do they offer more advanced classes? Is the venue appropriate for a professional training? Does a low training fee indicate something about the quality of the offering?

Our clients include
HSBC OxfamForeign and Commonwealth OfficeJustice Deutsche BankHM TreasuryBT Sky
Upcoming Courses
29 - 30 November 2014

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking
Our 1 & 2 day course will help you overcome your fear of public speaking and positively change your life.
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18 - 19 December 2014

Training the Trainer BTEC Award

Training the Trainer BTEC Award
The BTEC Professional Award in 'Training the Trainer' is a focused and flexibly structured 2 day qualification.
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6 January 2015

Advanced Public Speaking

Advanced Public Speaking
Do you need more gravitas to persuade senior colleagues or to hone your sales pitch? Then this advanced public speaking workshop is for you.
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